Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Friday, February 7, 2014

It took me 10 tries to get my blog to work....even though it came up backwards we are going for it.  Christmas 2013 decorations

It says Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse

Wayne's birthday, he is our neighbor, Larry has the fire extinguisher ready, we didn't light all 80 plus candles.

Our front door.  the outside lights would shine through into the house, I loved it!

Santa on the lookout for good boys and girls

Front door

Book shelves

Grandma's Birthday, Nov 1 yes we are going back in time.  Dawson was helping to blow our the candles

Pie time at Thanksgiving , the Morrison family came for a visit

Getting help with the thanksgiving decorations

We had a fun visit with Joe and Amber and Kids,  this was day after Thanksgiving.  We love when their family comes for a visit.  We made more chocolate pies and played games

In October Jasen and Kinsey left for his nest rotation with Physical Therapy.  We had a nice time having them in our home for a few months.

Myrtle Beach, Nate is taking pictures and Hudson thought he needed help

This is how is goes with 3 children, someone or someones aren't happy

Now one is happy and wants to help out, that is Porter

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ice Cream is great anytime and with a buddy its the best.  These next pictures are of the trip to Myrtle Beach and the move.  My decoration pictures are the nest blog entry

This looks like a lot of work

The helpers are taking a break at the kitchen table!

Best Day ever, first day of school for Reagan.

She rides the bus home

Everyone is there to greet her.  Her good friend Margo is next to her.  She met her 5 minites after the moving truck pulled into the driveway.

At the board walk, we needed to get out of the house and do something fun

We have never looked better

We had fun being silly

Heather met an "old" friend

We came home to a visit from Dawson so we set up the pool for fun

It's important to stay hydrated while swimming.  Him and I played ring around the Rosie until I was dizzy. check out the next entry to see Halloween decorations. 

I thought you would enjoy seeing my Halloween and Fall decorations.  We came home from Myrtle Beach and then got to decorating.

We wee set up to watch conference that day

You have to love that spider, i have had him for over 25 years.  My friend Paul gave it to me

Look for your cute face on the shelves, it's not the pumpkin.  Reagan's picture is one shelf up and I didn't get a picture of it.  You are always there for me to look at though.

I love my shelf above the doorway

This sits in my office, on the desk.

I just got some gummy candies and filled it up

Saturday, August 10, 2013

duck duck...GOOSE!  Many mornings we wake up to the wild geese.  It is so pretty.

As we open the door and go out side, they head for the water

And they are off!

Dawson loves to help grandma make cookies!  Yum!  Grandma eats the cookie dough too.

Now that is a beater!

July 4th celebration in the rain, go Aaron go

Now it's Brittany's turn

We have had a fun summer having Aaron, Brittany and "little" Dawson live with us.  They are a cute little family.

This is our little family who came to stay with us for a week.  They are such good kids, they just needed a place to call home.  From left to right Robert,Austin, Kelsy,Nathaniel and Audra in the back ground.  We are all snitching cookie dough.

Making a carrot cake for Larry's birthday with lots of help.  Some are chopping, some are measuring, and some are waiting their turn.

Larry's Birthday dinner.  We had Tamale pie for dinner and then carrot cake for dessert

An icey break
This is proof that Darryl and Sandra came to the house again.  It was fun.  They are great guest.  We talked and got caught up on our families. 

Brittany and Aaron moved back to Atlanta but came back for a short visit with Heather and Jerrel.  Heather and Jerrel came for a week.  It was fun to see them again.

Two out of three boys wanted into Grandpa's office.

I love to color

My cute little twins!  They love to feed themselves, so we took the drapes down for the week.  That was easier than worrying about it all week

We had company for a day to swim and Kayak in the lake.  this is Sasha and Ellis

But this is what happened next.  Mike came to the lake to ask Sasha an important question!!!!!

She said maybe for now.  Two days latter she said YES.  Mike was staying with us for a week. It was fun to get to know him.  He met Sasha on line and came from Germany, where he is stationed, to meet her.  Two weeks later....YES.

By the way Ellis, her son said yes right away, Sasha took a few more days.

This is a sucker break, Yum

A hair cut before going back to Kentucky

Bye Bye curls.  They will grow back!  Cute little Porter man

A short buzz for Hudson too

Reagan slept in our room, beside my bed.  Each morning she would make up her bed and had her bears and things arranged so well.  Cute

Reagan and I had ice cream parties....

Chocolate chip on top and strawberry hidden in the cone

I love my Grandpa, Porter said

Hudson wanted in on this deal!

Reagan kept busy on the computer with games.  I made a chalk board on the top of the tv tray

These geese come every day and we feed them corn and bread

This one has a broken or hurt foot and doesn't waddle up the hill the whole way so Larry usually hand feeds it.

We often see 3 or 4 humming birds at each feeder.  They come buzzing in and scare others away.  They are very territorial.  It is fun to watch them.  We have 7 feeders, 4 in the front yard.